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Elementary Grades  

1st Child               $4,775            $4,775
2nd Child              $2,375            $7,150
3rd Child               $1,750            $8,900
4th Child               $1,325            $10,225

Pre-K  Program 

Full Day Pre-K        M-W-Th    $2955/Year

Registration Deposit – A $250 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.  This deposit is applied toward tuition. 

Academic Supplies Fee – A fee of $225 for Kindergarten – grade 8 / $110 for Pre-Kindergarten is due for each student with the first month’s tuition to cover consumable academic supplies.

Tuition Offset Program – Families have the option to earn monies through Parent Association sponsored fundraisers based on the calendar year from January through December.  Monies accrued from any or all of the Tuition Offset opportunities are distributed to the family tuition payment plans prior to the January and February invoicing.  Any tuition overage balance from the Tuition Offset will be credited to the next school year tuition and will be indicated on the first invoice in July. 

Tuition Reduction for Siblings – To ensure that all children of a family may enjoy an education at Holy Spirit, tuition reductions are offered for families with more than one student. 

Annual Raffle –Each family is required to sell/purchase raffle tickets in the amount of $500 to support the annual school raffle.  Families with only a part-time Pre-K student will only be required to sell/purchase $250 in raffle tickets.

Financial Aid – FACTS Financial Aid applications for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 must be completed online.  Please see the Admissions tab of our website.

Pre-Kindergarten Requirements – Child must be 4 years of age by September 1 and be fully toilet trained.

Application Processing Fee – An application processing fee of $25 for new students is due with application.

  • Tuition may be paid in one of three options:  lump sum, four quarterly payments, or ten monthly installments July through April.
  • Upon acceptance, a $250 deposit per family is due to reserve your students placement.  This amount is applied to tuition.
  • Tuition payments and academic supply fees ($225/elementary student; $110/pre-k) begin in July. 
  • $1500 New Family Discount for students entering Kindergarten through Grade 8 – $1000 applied to first year of enrollment; $500 applied to second year enrolled.
  • Please contact the school office financial aid information. 


Holy Spirit Catholic School families are obligated to be supporting members of the parish.  This support includes the giving of each family’s time, talent, and treasure.  

Required Commitments: 

  • Sell/purchase raffle tickets in the amount of $500/$250 (pre-k enrollee only) to support the annual school raffle.  
  • Families with students in grades K-8 assist in lunch/recess duty responsibilities.  The number of days each family is required to serve is variable according to the number of families with K-8 students and the number of school days each year. Families have the option to ‘buy-out’ of recess duty for $10 per day.  Please notify the office by August 30 if you choose to buy out.  Your FACTS account will be billed accordingly.
  • Assist the Parent Association (PA) in coordinating at least one PA sponsored activity each year.   

Age Eligibility:  (Age as of September 1)

Pre-K*                                   4

Kindergarten                       5

First Grade                           6

Following Grades                Upon successful completion of previous grade

*children must be fully toilet trained to enter the Pre-K

Priority Structure:

First: Returning students and their siblings.

Second: Students from other families who are supporting members of Holy Spirit Parish.

Third: Students from other Catholic parishes.

Fourth: Non-Catholic students.

Note: All Non-Catholic students must be willing to accept a non-compromised Catholic educational atmosphere and school faith life.  No special considerations or adjustments will be made to accommodate students of other faiths.

Completion of Application Process:

The following documents are necessary to complete your child’s application to Holy Spirit Catholic School.   Please use this checklist to make sure you have included everything.

  •    Preliminary Application (submit online at www.holyspiritrcs.org)
  •    Copy of birth certificate
  •    Copy of baptismal certificate
  •    Transfer records from all previous schools /home schools where applicable
  •    A $25 application processing fee per student submitted to the school office.
  •    Immunization Records


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