Curriculum – Grades 7 & 8

Math Curriculum

2015-2016 Mrs. Anna Warzecha

7th Grade Math

Text: McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra


1st Quarter

Variables, Expressions & Integers

Solving Equations

Multi-Step Equations & Inequalities

2nd Quarter

Factors, Fractions & Exponents

Rational Numbers & Equations

Ratios, Proportions & Probability

3rd Quarter


Linear Functions

Real Numbers & Right Triangles

4th Quarter

Measurement, Area & Volume

Data Analysis & Probability

Polynomials & Nonlinear Functions


8th Grade Math

Text: McDougal Littell Algebra 1

1st Quarter

Connections to Algebra

Properties of Real Numbers

Solving Linear Equations

2nd Quarter

Graphing Linear Equations & Functions

Writing Linear Equations

Solving & Graphing Linear Inequalities

3rd Quarter

Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

Exponents & Exponential Functions

Quadratic Equations & Fuctions

4th Quarter

Polynomials & Factoring

Rational Equations & Functions

Radicals and Connections to Geometry


English Curriculum

7/8 English

7th and 8th grade students use the WARRINER’S ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION textbook, intended for 7th and 8th grade classrooms.

Quarter 1: Lesson 1: The Sentence

Lesson 2: The Parts of Speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives)

Lesson 3: The Parts of Speech (verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions,


Lesson 30: Studying and Test Taking

Lesson 16: Writing Complete Sentences

Lesson 18: Manuscript Form

Lesson 19: Writing and Thinking

Quarter 2:  Lesson 4: Complements

Lesson 5: The Phrase

Lesson 8: Agreement

Lesson 9: Using Verbs Correctly

Lesson 13: Capital Letters

Lesson 14: Punctuation

Lesson 20: Writing Paragraphs

Lesson 22: Writing Narration and Description

Lesson 27: Using the Dictionary

Quarter 3:  Lesson 6:  The Clause

Lesson 7: The Kinds of Sentence Structure

Lesson 15: Punctuation

Lesson 17: Writing Effective Sentences

Lesson 21: Writing Paragraphs

Lesson 23: Writing Exposition (The Whole Composition)

Lesson 31: Speaking

Lesson 32: Listening

Quarter 4:  Lesson 10: Using Pronouns Correctly

Lesson 11: Using Modifiers Correctly

Lesson 12: Glossary Usage

Lesson 24: Writing Exposition (Explanations and Reports)

Lesson 25: Writing Letters

5-8 Grade Assignment Expectations

***Students are expected to turn in all handwritten assignments in cursive and black or blue ink, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher (except Math, of course).

***Assignments are due upon arrival at school on the assigned due date unless the student is absent.  If the student does have a good reason for coming to school without the assignment complete, parents need to have sent an e-mail previous to the student’s arrival or send a handwritten note that is presented to the teacher providing that “good reason”.  Otherwise, the student will be required to stay in from recess that day and if this is a chronic situation, other consequences are probable in addition to that.

***When assignments are returned to students, students are to put them in the red folder and bring them home.  There is no assigned day for this.  Students may bring the folder home every night for you to see anything new that has been graded and returned.

Reading Curriculum

7/8 Reading

Quarter 1: Weeks 1-9: Poetry Unit in Adventures for Readers anthology.

Students complete an extensive study of a Saint in preparation for

choosing a Confirmation Saint and preparing for their All Saints Day


Quarter 2: Weeks 10-18:  Students read and study The Yearling, by Rawlings.

***The science fair will be scheduled toward the end of the school year.  At some point during third and fourth quarters, students will be doing research to write a paper in conjunction with their science fair project.  Once the science fair has been scheduled, and as time draws nearer, I will plan this out so that students have plenty of time to research and write.  Please note that this may cause changes in the timing of  what is scheduled for third and fourth quarters.***

Quarter 3: Weeks 19-27: Students will be given a book report rubric at the beginning of

the third quarter.  They will choose a book (approved by the teacher) to read.

Reports will be due at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Finish The Yearling

Students read and study The Prince and the Pauper

by Twain.


Quarter 4: Weeks 28-34:  Finish The Prince and the Pauper

***book report due Week 29***

***Final group presentations for The Prince and the Pauper

are final exam grades

Religion Curriculum

7/8 Religion

Grades 7 and 8 text Christ with Us Now and Always, Image of God Series, 8th grade text

Quarter 1: Lesson 1: The Gospels

Lesson 2: You are to be my Witnesses

Lesson 3: Pentecost- The Church is Born

Lesson 4: Giving in Christ

Lesson 5: How Much Should I Give?

Lesson 6: Lack of Giving- Lack of Love

Lesson 7: “A man can have no greater Love…”

Lesson 8: Paul, from Persecutor of Christians to Great Christian Saint


Quarter 2: Lesson 9: Jesus, Where Are You When I Need You Most?

Lesson 10: All for One and One for All!

Lesson 11: The Roman Persecution of the Church

Lesson 12: The Triumph of the Cross

Lesson 13: The Church- Free at Last!

Lesson 14: The Early Church- Organizations and Structure

Lesson 15: God- Our Hope in Ages Past…and Present


Quarter 3: Lesson 16: Arianism- The Threat Returns

Lesson 17: Servant of the Servants of God:  Pope Gregory I

Lesson 18: Into the Darkness

Lesson 19: Church and State- To Mix or Separate

Lesson 20: Charlemagne- Protector of the Church

Lesson 21: The Church in the Age of Feudalism

Lesson 22: The Church Travels a Troubled Road

Lesson 23: Medieval Church Reforms and Reformers

Lesson 24: Medieval Church Conflicts- The Crusades


Quarter 4: Lesson 25: The Church Travels a Troubled Road

Lesson 26: Who Will Come and Save the Church?

Lesson 27: The Church Continues to Suffer

Lesson 28: The Protestant Reformation

Lesson 29: The Protestant Reformation Spreads to England

Lesson 30: The Church Is Finally Renewed- The Council of Trent

Lesson 31: The French Missions

Lesson 32: The Age of Enlightenment

Lesson 33: Years of Storm, Years of Hope


***At the beginning of the school year, students will participate in an eight lesson review of salvation history, ending with the beginning of the Church in the Acts of the Apostles using the “Encounter” program developed by Mark Hart.  This is taken from Jeff Cavin’s “Bible Timeline” program for adults and developed into a program for middle school students.

***In addition to the Image of God Curriculum, all students will participate in Confirmation preparation lessons and activities throughout the year.  There will not be a specific text this year.  I am preparing the lessons using a variety of resources.  I will write quizzes and tests to assess learning during preparation.

***In celebration of All Saints Day, students will choose a Saint to research and prepare a presentation, including a timeline, detailing important information on their Saint.  Students will make an oral presentation on the life of their Saint to their classmates.  Rubrics for the assignment/presentation will be given to students at the beginning of October.

Science Curriculum

7/8 Science

1st Quarter

Exploring Science:

The Scientific Method

The Metric System

Scientific Tools of Measurement


Properties of Matter

Physical & Chemical Changes

Mixtures, Elements & Compounds

Structure of the Atom

2nd Quarter


The Periodic Table

Atoms & Bonding

Chemical Reactions

Acids & Bases

3rd Quarter




4th Quarter

Characteristics of Waves




Social Studies Curriculum

7/8 Social Studies

Text: Prentice Hall–The American Revolution

1st Quarter

The Road to Revolution

The American Revolution

Creating a Republic

The Constitution at Work

2nd Quarter

The Age of Jefferson

Industry and Growth

Westward Expansion

The Worlds of North and South

3rd Quarter

The Worlds of North and South (continued)

The Fight Against Slavery

A Dividing Nation

The Civil War

The Reconstruction Era

4th Quarter

The Rise of Industry and Unions

Immigration and the Growth of Cities

Fighting for Equality

Becoming a World Power

World War I


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