Should we send our kids to Catholic school?

You only get one chance to do it right with your kids. 

We say that Catholic schools are the best choice for what matters most and we mean it. After all, what is more important than our children and our faith?

What makes a Catholic school a good value?

There are two sides to the equation – cost and benefit.
The cost of operating a Catholic school is a fraction of the cost of operating a public school. This is primarily due to two things: Catholic school teachers and staff are not compensated at the same level as public school staff and Catholic schools are financially supported by parishes, school-level fundraising, and advancement efforts. Why do Catholic school teachers and staff choose to work for less pay? It’s because working in Catholic education is a ministry, a vocation, and a calling to serve children and pass on the faith to the next generation.
Holy Spirit Parish provides for a large portion of the cost of operating the our school. This takes up a substantial share of the ministerial capacity of our parish. Our parish does this because it is part of our faith and ministry as a Church and a sign of our discipleship of Jesus Christ. Do we struggle to make ends meet? Yes. Just like our families, our parish is constantly looking for cost improvement areas and greater funding avenues. It’s a constant struggle between keeping our school affordable for as many as possible and providing fair and equitable compensation to our staff.
Catholic education is a sacrifice. It is a sacrifice for the teachers and staff who get paid significantly less than their public school counterparts. It is a sacrifice to the parish that the school is tied to, as that parish commits no small amount of its resources toward running, improving, and supporting the school. It is a sacrifice to the parents who choose to work to come up with the money needed to pay the tuition. It is a sacrifice to the students who sometimes attend a facility with fewer amenities than their local public school.

Why do some parents decide to choose a Catholic education for their children?

For generations, Catholic schools have focused on the values that so many seek in a quality education: superior academic results, faith formation with the building of character, and a safe and caring community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd.
These are not abstractions. They are not part of an education “wish list”. At solid Catholic schools, these are tangible, visible realities forged from tradition, intellect, wisdom, and the passionate commitment of the region’s best teachers.

Superior Academics… and Results

Our students consistently outperform regional, state, and national results on the NWEA standardized tests.

Faith and Character

Catholic Schools are different. The experience is designed to be transformational, to make a difference in the life of every student. From day one at a Catholic school, your child learns in a nurturing but positively disciplined environment… one that respects every individual… one that seeks to promote selflessness, self-control, the pursuit of justice and faith in action:
  • Teachers and administrators at Holy Spirit School emphasize a God-centered life of perseverance, courage conscientiousness and Christian charity
  • Studies indicate that strong character development may correlate – as much or more than academic achievement – to later success in life

A Safe, Caring Community

Anyone who knows a Catholic school teacher knows it’s more a “calling” than it is a “job”. Yes, a quality education is important…and that takes great teachers… but Catholic school teachers know that quality education occurs when an environment is safe, stable and caring.
  • Holy Spirit School is a community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd. Nobody remains unheard or unseen at a school of 70 students.
  • Holy Spirit School is accountable, responsive, and operate according to the highest professional standards.
  • Your participation is important and we welcome your involvement.
People choose Holy Spirit School as an extension of their families. They want values taught at home to be witnessed and lived at school. This is precisely what they get in Holy Spirit School community.

True…, but can I afford it?

Like everything of value, there’s no getting around the fact that a Catholic education costs money. We won’t lie and say that it’s always easy four our families to afford tuition. Actually, most of them face difficult choices about where and how to spend their resources so that they can choose Catholic Education. Here are some recommendations about how to make it possible.
Choose wisely about how and where your family spends money. While it sounds obvious, it’s often something people overlook. The essential question comes back to what’s most important to you.
Talk to our school principal. We have scholarships and financial aid programs and work with you.

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